Infrared Trichrome

Infrared Trichrome

Aerochrome/trichrome infrared

CNE Toronto Black and White Infrared film

White building trichrome

George Playhouse in Niagara

Trichrome Jen portrait

Trichrome portrait black and white film

Trichrome three separate shots of model. Cyan, Magenta and yellow


Infrared Trichrome

Infrared Trichrome

Trichrome liftlocks peterborough

Peterborough Liftlocks in Trichrome

Trichrome toronto tourism

Toronto Tourism in Trichrome

Trichrome tulip festival

Tulip Festival using black and white film

Tulip festival ice cream truck trichrome

Ice cream - black and white film

Trichrome at the skatepark

Skate park - black and white film

trichrome clouds

Cotton candy skies

People in trichrome at niagara falls

Trichrome at Niagara

Dominican Republic Sosua beach

Ocean Waves

Grayscale then Harris effect broken stairs in DR


Niagara Falls Trichrome

Niagara Falls Trichrome

Digital Trichrome

Infrared Trichrome

Infrared Trichrome

Infrared trichrome


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